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Directing: Expectations vs Reality

Can anyone else relate to this? I’m not complaining, just finding it humorous. DIRECTING: EXPECTATIONS “I’ve got a great script and an amazing team. We’re gonna bring my vision to life and share this movie with the world. It’s gonna take audiences on an emotional journey, say something meaningful, maybe…Continue readingDirecting: Expectations vs Reality

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How Do You Stay Connected?

It’s been about 5 months now since I deleted Facebook and other social media accounts. I tried MeWe for a while, but discovered I didn’t actually want or need that either, so that recently got deleted too. Do I feel more disconnected now? Do I regret getting off social media?…Continue readingHow Do You Stay Connected?

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What I Want to Say

(Copied from my final post on Facebook on 9/18/2020) Today’s my last day on Facebook. As sort of a final message (for those who aren’t staying connected with me elsewhere), this is what I believe and aspire to live by, and final words of encouragement I want to leave you…Continue readingWhat I Want to Say

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Life Purpose

I’ve been contemplating on my life purpose a lot lately. Why am I here? What’s my purpose in life? Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. I’m here to add more love, laughter, play, joy, pleasure, hope, healing, connection, and creativity into the world. That’s my mission. Bonus objectives…Continue readingLife Purpose

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Not Good Enough, But Going Anyway

You know, it’s so weird. During this quarantine time, my work has slowed significantly. It’s given me time to really think and reflect. Reassess. Decide if it’s time to let some things go, make course changes, or reaffirm and recommit to certain things. Prior to all this, I was honestly…Continue readingNot Good Enough, But Going Anyway

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Advice to My 18-Year-Old Self

In a Facebook group I’m in, an 18 year old was feeling stressed and worried about school, work, and life. She asked for some advice and encouragement. I remembered being that age and worrying about those same things. I thought about what I’ve learned since then, and what I wish…Continue readingAdvice to My 18-Year-Old Self