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Directing: Expectations vs Reality

Can anyone else relate to this? I’m not complaining, just finding it humorous. DIRECTING: EXPECTATIONS “I’ve got a great script and an amazing team. We’re gonna bring my vision to life and share this movie with the world. It’s gonna take audiences on an emotional journey, say something meaningful, maybe…Continue readingDirecting: Expectations vs Reality

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Not Good Enough, But Going Anyway

You know, it’s so weird. During this quarantine time, my work has slowed significantly. It’s given me time to really think and reflect. Reassess. Decide if it’s time to let some things go, make course changes, or reaffirm and recommit to certain things. Prior to all this, I was honestly…Continue readingNot Good Enough, But Going Anyway

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Deeper Into the Wilderness

It’s 1:26 AM and I can’t fall asleep. I’ve tried meditating. I’ve tried eating a little food. I tried just laying there with my eyes closed. Nope, nada. My brain and body are tired and ready to sleep — but my heart’s nagging me about something. Something I can’t quite…Continue readingDeeper Into the Wilderness