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Tips for Dealing with Major Life Changes

Have you gone through a major life change? I’m talking the big stuff — like moving to a new state, starting a new career in a new field, getting married or divorced, having your first child, learning you have cancer or some other major health issue, losing a loved one,…Continue readingTips for Dealing with Major Life Changes

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Keep Going — Your “Yes” Is Out There

I receive more no’s than yes’es. A lot more. Of course, on social media I usually only talk about the wins. But I only have those wins because I get so many rejections behind the scenes. I’ve learned that to be successful, you have to fail — a lot, and…Continue readingKeep Going — Your “Yes” Is Out There

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Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

So I came out of the “spiritual closet” last night. I’ve always been a very spiritual person. Like, seriously, you have no idea. I grew up Catholic. In the Catholic church, you’re not supposed to receive communion until AFTER a certain age, after you’ve taken certain classes, and gone through…Continue readingComing Out of the Spiritual Closet