Category: Reacting to Memes

The Time and Date

Me personally? No. Here’s why: 1. As a licensed time traveler, I’m well aware that simply knowing your own future can and often does change it. Therefore this information would become irrelevent and inaccurate the moment I read it. 2. I’m not going to die. I’m immortal and eternal. My body, however, will one day…
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Who Do You Want to Be?

If traumatic experiences made you stronger, kinder, and more empathetic, then everyone who went through one would turn out that way too. But we know better. Some do, yes. But some get emotionally stuck in their past. Some become victims or blamers. Some become meaner or harder. Trauma affects everyone, but in different ways. So…
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Top 4 Wishes

These are actually all entirely possible. 1. Invest in income-producing assets (stocks that pay dividends, rental properties, etc). You can generate passive and portfolio income. It earns money for you. Actually, this is how the rich get richer, but they never teach this in school. We’re told to work harder or work more, to make…
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