Demo Reel Editing Services

Actors: Get an affordable, effective, memorable demo reel that makes directors go, “Wow! I want them!”

As both an actor and director myself, I know first hand what works. If you’ve got some footage, send it my way and I’ll find your best moments and edit them together into an emotionally-moving, impactful reel that will put you way ahead of the competition.

What’s Included

  • A theatrical or commercial reel up to 2 minutes
  • Edit and arrange your best clips in an emotionally impactful way
  • Shorten longer scenes down to 20-30 seconds that still make sense and feel like a natural flow
  • Adjust and fix any minor sound issues (if needed)
  • Color correction or color grading (if needed)
  • Transition effects & your name like a professional TV/film credit
  • “Title card” headshot and contact info (optional)
  • One free revision (for any simple edits or minor adjustments you or your agent may want to make)
  • A high resolution version for your website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc
  • An optimized, compressed version that meets all requirements for Actors Access, Casting Networks, and Casting Frontier

Your total investment: only $150.

Your new demo reel will be completed and delivered within 14 days.

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After completing your order, send me your footage and I’ll get right to work. As soon as your reel is ready, I’ll email you a download link. If you or your agent want to make any minor adjustments, let me know and I’ll take care of it ASAP. Otherwise — enjoy! Your new reel is all yours! Upload it to Actors Access, LA Casting, and any other sites you use — and start booking more work!

Read the Frequently Asked Questions for information about how to send your footage:


Frequently Asked Questions

Very simple. Here's the steps how we'll work together:

Step 1. Order and pay for your demo reel.

Step 2. Send me your footage. (Read "How do I get my footage to you?" below for multiple options.)

Step 3. I immediately begin working on your reel. Within 14 days, I send you a link to download your brand new hot demo reel. You'll get a HIGH RESOLUTION version for yourself, as well as a second, optimized/compressed version that meets the requirements of Actors Access, LA Casting, and Casting Frontier (in case you use those sites).

Step 4. Watch your reel. Show it to your agent (if you have one). If you or your agent need to make any adjustments, let me know.

Step 5. If any changes are needed, I'll make those edits. That usually gets done in 2-3 days. Then I send you back the final download link.

If at any point you have any questions, you can always email me.
As soon as you order your demo reel, send your footage to me.

You have several methods available to you. Many people use It’s pretty simple. You go to their site, upload your files (up to 2 GB per file for free), and have it sent to my email address: [email protected].

If you’re tech-savvy, you can also “share” your video files with me through Dropbox, Google Drive, or another cloud service.

Are some or all of your clips on YouTube? No problem. Send me those links and I can download your videos directly from there too.

Just FYI: sites like YouTube “compress” the video to make it more efficient to stream online, but we also lose a tiny bit of video quality in the process. The ideal method is to send the original videos through WeTransfer or Dropbox, whenever possible.

Lastly, if NONE of those options work, email me and we'll figure out the best way for you to send me all your footage.
The more, the better. Send me any and all scenes and full-length videos you may potentially want to include. When creating a reel, ideally I’m looking for clips about 20-30 seconds long, that show you speaking lines and/or expressing emotion. A typical reel will have 3-5 different clips. (It’s possible to re-edit longer scenes down into “essential” 20-30 second clips that still feel like a natural, flowing scene too.)

The more options I have, the better your reel will be. I’ll search through everything, find the best moments, most engaging dialog, and most authentic emotions — and arrange them in an order that has a natural flow and provides a memorable emotional impact to viewers, including casting directors and agents.

Inevitably, we can’t fit everything in under 2 minutes, so some “good stuff” won’t make it in. If there’s a particular clip you definitely want included, be sure to let me know.

Please also send me a digital copy of your headshot, if you want to display it at the end of your reel. If you also want to include your (or your agent’s) contact info, please be sure to give me those details too, of course. However, demo reels don’t require these.

Many professional reels simply display your name in the bottom corner during your first clip. Casting directors are very busy people. Every second counts. It’s a nice touch to add a “title card” (headshot, name, contact info) at the end of your reel, but many industry professionals appreciate expediency too.
That’s a great question! For one, I’m not “just” an editor. I’m also a fellow working actor and award-winning director.

As a director, I know from personal experience what works and doesn’t work in a demo reel — and what motivated me to call someone in for an audition.

When creating your reel, I keep that in mind. If I were casting for your type, what would I want and need to see in your reel? I select the scenes and clips that get me excited about everything you have to offer — and look forward to meeting you in person in the audition room!

Beyond all that, I’m also fast and do my best to keep things affordable. Because I know, as a fellow actor, how expensive this business can be. I’m on your side and want you to succeed. I’m on this actor’s journey with you. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll meet and act together on set!
Absolutely! What do you need? Let’s talk!

Email me and tell me about your project.

I really love editing. I’m actually surprised how much I enjoy it. But I’m also a working writer, actor, and director. I like to stay busy with a variety of things. And honestly, I find that the more I do one thing, the better I get at all the other things.

They help me see and understand each skill set within the context of the bigger picture. How it all fits and works together. And I love that.
Yes. I accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, etc). Prefer to use PayPal? That's available too!

You'll be able to complete your order directly from this website. All transactions are securely processed with top-level encryption to keep your information private and safe.

If you have any questions or want to arrange an alternative payment method (such as Venmo), please email me. Thanks! 🙂


Sample Reels That Book Work






“Amazing!!! David did a brilliant job of editing my footage to make a really nice short film. Thank you!! 😀 ”

-Charlotte P.


“Wow. David was responsive, FAST, and able to deliver what I requested on the first try. I would highly recommend him and will likely be contacting him again in the future.”

-Kerri R.


“Once again David has made a fantastic video for me!!! I strongly recommend working with David – he’s quick, professional, and has a really good sense of what works well in video.”

-Charlotte P.


“10/10 would recommend. He edited a video for me not too long ago and I absolutely love it!”

-Aviva B.


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