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Ever been scared? Ever ask yourself questions like: Am I good enough? Do I have what it takes? What if I fail? What if they laugh at/judge/criticize/reject me? What if I succeed? What if something terribly, horribly, devastatingly, irreversibly and irreparably bad happens and it's literally the end of the world for me?!?! Ahhhh!!!! Fear, panic, dread, paralysis. The dream can wait. I'll do it "tomorrow" or "some day". I don't hate my job that much...

This workshop talks about fear -- and overcoming it, the easy way.

We all know that our dream life -- the money we want, the job we want, the relationship we want, the health we want, ANYTHING we want -- is on the other side of fear. But fear is powerful. It's instinctive. It's part of our nature. And every time we're about to start something new, we feel fear. Every time we're about to grow, we feel fear. Every time we stretch outside our comfort zone, we feel fear. And for good reason. We evolved from NATURE to be that way -- fear helps protect us!

But evolution hasn't caught up with modern life. And now, fear not only protects us from danger, it also prevents us from living our dreams.

The good news? There's actually an EASY way to face and overcome these fears. So, so easy. After learning this one trick, you'll be like, "why wasn't I doing that all along?"

After taking this workshop, you'll feel empowered and inspired -- and know exactly what you need to do in your own life, to unlock and free yourself from your own personal fears, and actually be able to start living your real dreams -- today.

About the Speaker: David R. Michaels has lived a full life of no regrets -- because of one simple thing: he doesn't let his fears, doubts, and limitations stop him from doing what he wants. Now he wants to empower you to do the same. He practices what he teaches. He's lived this stuff, inside and out. And he's still human. He still gets afraid, and sometimes, lets those fears block, stall, and delay him for a little while. This isn't about being perfect. It's about fully living the life we know we're meant for. It's about not dying, before we've actually lived. And David can honestly say that if he died today, he has no regrets, and he lived his life fully and unafraid. He's gotten to achieve, live, and experience so many big dreams -- all because he learned this one simple lesson about fear.
You feel the calling. You know you're meant to be an author. You've heard about "self-publishing" and think it may be the way to go, but you're not sure what to do or where to start. This workshop is for you.

You'll learn:

- What you ACTUALLY need to get started (it's less stuff and way cheaper than you think!)
- How to write a story that SELLS and readers will love
- How to self-publish your new ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, and more
- How to grow your business for long-term success
- Why you shouldn't be afraid to put yourself out there and start today!

This workshop will guide you from "I have an idea for a book..." to "I'm making money as a published author!"

You're a WRITER and you have a STORY or MESSAGE to share. And ebook self-publishing may be the fastest, easiest, and best way for you to do it in 2019!

There's lots of information. Please bring a pen and notebook.

About the Speaker: David R. Michaels has sold over $100,000 in self-published fiction ebooks -- in a genre that, when he first started, he honestly believed there was no market for and "no one" would want to spend money on. Turns out he was happily wrong. And he'll teach you everything he knows -- so you can learn from his mistakes and benefit from his experience. He enjoys helping other people pursue their passions and live their dreams. In addition to writing, David is also an actor, director, stock options investor, spiritual teacher, and nature lover.