Artist Safe Zone

The Artist Safe Zone is a place to purposely make mistakes and be a bad artist.

Regardless of what your art or medium is, once you reach a certain professional level, it’s easy to get stuck doing more of what you’ve always done. But as artists, we also feel a need to continually experiment, explore, and stretch outside our comfort zone. Unfortunately, when you have a professional/public reputation to maintain and your livelihood depends on it, it actually becomes too dangerous and risky to try something new and fail.

Not here. This is a space to experiment, explore, do it wrong, make mistakes, be bad at it, and purposely and intentionally mess up — just to see what happens, how it feels, or where it might lead.

This is a secret group of different artists and creative professionals. A place where we can be amateurs again, without looking bad or hurting our careers.

Sometimes, something brilliant, amazing, and potentially profitable may come out of these activities. But that’s not the goal. The goal here is to free our inner artist, be childlike with unlimited possibilities and zero judgments, and simply have fun being creative. No risk. No goals. No notes or feedback (unless you specifically ask for it). It’s about playtime. It’s about freedom. It’s about allowing ourselves to true something new or different, be totally okay if we’re bad at it, and feel safe and supported in doing so.