Exhausted from Work / Feeling Burnt Out?

To my entrepreneur/self-employed friends who may feel a little burnt out or tired: it’s okay to rest.

Take time to rest. As much as you need.

You’ll know you’re done resting when you have energy and inspiration again.

You’re an entrepreneur. You work hard. You work long hours. You take big risks. You face big fears. You often work for free or with no guarantee of pay.

Most people don’t understand the mental and emotional fortitude and strength and demands required to do what you do, in addition to the physical energy spent.


Rest when you need to rest.

You’re doing amazing things. You’re not lazy. You’re working more and harder behind the scenes than most will ever know.

Rest when you need it.

If you feel tired, you still need it.

Rest. It’s okay to rest.

You’ll be ready, able, and energized to return to work after you take this *necessary* time to rest. 

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