Film Wizards Media Trust (Proposal)


The Film Wizards Media Trust is a nonprofit film production company that creates original multimedia entertainment (such as movies, television shows, web series, viral videos, etc) that fulfill the following missions and purposes:

1. Add more laughter, light, and love into the world.

Our stories make people feel good. Stories include messages of hope, connection, healing, optimism, encouragement, playfulness, peace, humor, reconciliation, examples of true love, being authentic and true to yourself, empowerment, inspiration to follow your dreams, and more. These are stories with positive messages. This is media with meaning.

2. Create opportunities for inexperienced people seeking a career in entertainment production.

In the entertainment industry (like many others), there’s a catch-22. You need experience to get a job, but you can’t get experience without a job. This company will hire a mix of both experienced and inexperienced talent and crew members on its productions.

People will little or no prior experience can observe, work with, and learn from those who have substantial experience and skill.

Key positions — such as department heads, lead roles, etc — are reserved for those with proven talent, skill, and experience, to ensure that the finished product is of high quality and the beginners are gaining worthwhile, meaningful, and valuable experience from the project. But non-critical positions — such as assistants, supporting roles, etc — are prioritized for those with limited or no experience. And sometimes, on smaller projects, some first-timers are given opportunities in key positions (such as directing or producing their first film), with support and guidance from other experienced professionals who volunteer their time as a mentor.

3. Give opportunities for artists to explore experimental and potentially non-commercially viable ideas.

Due to the huge cost of production and fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders, traditional for-profit production companies¬†must always try to produce films that are expected to have a high profit potential. But as a nonprofit organization, we’re able to explore other ideas that may or may not be obviously commercially viable. We can tell stories we’re passionate about and have deep significance and meaning to ourselves and our audience, whether or not we have reason to believe we’ll see a large enough financial return.



David R. Michaels is an experienced writer, actor, director, editor, and producer. He has a heart for inspiring, connecting, healing, and empowering others. He wants to make the world a better place through multimedia entertainment, and leave behind a legacy of original content that not only benefits today’s generation, but future generations to come as well.