[Empowerment] 4 Questions to Have a Happier Life

Ask yourself these four questions. Many of your answers may be small, simple, easy-to-change things — and that’s perfect! It’s the little stuff that adds up and makes a huge overall difference. These questions are designed to help you improve the quality and enjoyment of day-to-day “ordinary” life. It doesn’t have to big, expensive, or hard. Just answer these four simple questions, and pick one or two little things you want to change today.

  1. What am I depriving myself of, that maybe I don’t need to?
  2. What am I putting off for “someday,” that maybe I can schedule soon?
  3. What negative stuff am I tolerating, that I don’t have to?
  4. What good stuff is in my life, that I want to experience more of?

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