The Time and Date

Me personally? No.

Here’s why:

1. As a licensed time traveler, I’m well aware that simply knowing your own future can and often does change it. Therefore this information would become irrelevent and inaccurate the moment I read it.

2. I’m not going to die. I’m immortal and eternal. My body, however, will one day become unusable and cease to function, but when that day comes, I’ll just leave it behind and move on to the next adventure. My mission and purpose here will be complete.

3. I have it on good authority that my body will live to be 213 years old. But I won’t look a day over 212.

4. I’m not entirely sure I’m even here right now. There’s still a chance this is all an illusion, dream, game, or simulation of some kind.

5. It’s better not knowing. When each day *could* be my last, I find I appreciate the little things more, and live and love more fully. One day, I’ll be right.

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