Top 4 Wishes

These are actually all entirely possible.

1. Invest in income-producing assets (stocks that pay dividends, rental properties, etc). You can generate passive and portfolio income. It earns money for you. Actually, this is how the rich get richer, but they never teach this in school. We’re told to work harder or work more, to make more money. But you only have a limited amount of time and energy. Real wealth comes from owning assets, not working more.

2. Learn by experience. Studying through school/books is one way to learn, but ironically, scientific studies show that’s actually the LEAST effective way to learn. We learn better by doing, through exploration, experimentation, and PLAY actually.

3. Everyone in my life now loves me without hurting me. Occasionally I might feel disappointed or even a little annoyed or frustrated, but never hurt. But it wasn’t always this way. I first had to practice loving myself unconditionally, and then I only allowed in other kind, loving people. Most importantly, I stopped tolerating and allowing in toxic, inconsiderate, hurtful, selfish people. I select my close relationships carefully now. They earn my trust and openness. And all my close relationships (where I’m vulnerable and COULD get hurt) are all safe, loving, supportive spaces now.

4. Eat as much raw whole plant-based foods as you want. Just avoid processed/added sugars and alcohol and you should be fine. Stay physically active, in one way or another, as much as you can. It’s the modern American lifestyle and low quality processed foods that are making us fat. Food itself (real, natural, whole, that grows out of the ground or swims in the sea) is good for us. Eat as much of that as you want, and your body will naturally tell you when you’re full. It’s all the added sugars and other artificial chemicals they add that trick our brains into over-eating.

But you know all this. I know you know all this. And I know this is just a funny meme that’s humorous to share.

But the thing is, we CAN have and do all that. We just need to make different choices.

And because you’re my friend, because you’re someone I love, I want you to have it all too.  hugs 

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