Who Do You Want to Be?

If traumatic experiences made you stronger, kinder, and more empathetic, then everyone who went through one would turn out that way too.

But we know better. Some do, yes. But some get emotionally stuck in their past. Some become victims or blamers. Some become meaner or harder. Trauma affects everyone, but in different ways.

So if you came out a better person on the other side, that’s on YOU. That says something about your character. What kind of person you really are, and more importantly, what kind of person you choose to be.

When you’re challenged or hurt or deceived or taken advantage of by someone else, how you respond says as much about you as the one who wronged you. When you suffer a major loss, failure, setback, disappointment, or pain — how you ultimately handle it reveals what you’re really made of.

And if reading this post makes you reflect and realize you don’t like how you handled or responded to something in your own past — that’s okay.

This is a new moment to decide who you want to be going forward.

Life is about growth. Who do you want to become? What kind of character do you want to be made of?

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